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About Badger Ingredients

Badger Ingredients owes its success to the dedicated people behind it. We are a family-owned and operated company that relies on quality products and excellent service. Badger was started in Milwaukee Wisconsin in 1981 by the late Garrett Holling. He started off working for Chase bag as his first job out of school and eventually found his way into Milwaukee. He took a job at Badger By-Products and worked his way up to plant supervisor/manager.

He continued there until the facility was bought by Beatrice Foods. During that time, instead of playing baseball with his son HG, he would wake him up at 6:00 in the morning hand him a steaming cup o’joe and the two of them would head off to the plant. This father-son bonding consisted of fun activities such as cleaning the bathrooms and sweeping the meat meal off the tracks. It really was a glamorous introduction to the industry for HG, although maybe a little much for a ten-year-old. After HG finished University he was lured back into the business by his dad, and now, is the owner of the company and continues its legacy across the globe.

In 2008, HG and Garrett picked up Badger Ingredients and relocated to Carefree, Arizona, where our corporate office is now located. Don’t worry though, we still work off of the Central Time Zone hours and are always available to answer questions either by phone or email. Garrett Senior passed away in 2017, but Badger continues in his memory, still providing the excellent service we always have.

Badger Ingredients is a small business with just a few hands that make the company successful. Along with HG at Badger Ingredients is his brother-in-law, Markus. Markus has been with Badger for several years now, and is happy to search out any ingredient in the solar system to get you a quote and eventually your product. Also in sales is Greg, a cousin of HG’s wife and came to Badger from the HVAC field. If you need help procuring any item, give Greg a call! If we can’t find what you’re looking for, it probably doesn’t exist.

Next we have Justin, our logistics guy. He helps organize the transportation of our ingredients all over the country, while working on selling the product as well. If you are looking to get a product from Point A to Point B, Justin is your guys to get it done, short notice or long term.

Newest to the Arizona office, we have Trevor. Trevor handles quality assurance, imports and exports, and accounts payable and receivables. Trevor serves as our FSVP, PSQI, and HACCP qualified individual, as well as our main SQF Practitioner. If you have a product that either comes or goes across international borders, Trevor is your guy to help. Any quality assurance questions can also be sentTrevor’s way. Also, if you have any questions about accounts payable or receivable, as well as other small odds and ends, then Trevor is the one.

Down at our Crosby, Texas facility we have Luis Leal, our facility manager, who truly makes the magic happen for most of our customers. Helping ensure on time deliveries, Luis is on top of storage and distribution of our product from our storage warehouse. Luis and his team handle both inbound and outbound loads with utmost care for food safety and quality.

If you call the office, you have your fair chance of getting any one of the guys on the phone, so pick up the phone if you need an ingredient today!


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